From Africa For Africa

GGDO hosts quarterly events to support distressed schools and orphanages in Kenya. Our Annual Missions to Kenya usually takes place in November.

We welcome you to prayerfully consider accompanying our team on one of our upcoming Missions.

With the support of our generous donors, we have been afforded the opportunity to provide solutions and resources to hundreds of lives in disadvantaged communities.

We have provided school uniforms for orphaned children, school sponsorship, teachers’ salaries, beans, rice and maize as well as create sustainability programs to help eradicate systemic poverty in rural villages.

During our last mission to Kenya, we were able to purchase a dairy cow for a distressed orphanage in Matunda and provide six custom made desks for a primary school in Nairobi.

The products on this page are mostly hand crafted FROM Africa FOR Africa.

Meaning, 100% of the funds received for any of these products are used to relieve the distress of poverty stricken schools and orphanages in East Africa.

If you are unable to attend one of our fundraising events, but would like to help us eliminate systemic poverty in East Africa, you may donate online or by mail.

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